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Welcome to Studio ZCI. We are one of the leading Wordpress customization and optimization companies. It's easy to create a new blog, but the challenge is getting people to find your site.

We're experts in the area of search engine optimization (SEO), especially when it comes to a content management system like Wordpress. Our clients regularly enjoy first-page rankings on the major search engines, which is no easy feat!

We can also customize your Wordpress theme, to give it a look all your own, while optimizing the code for better performance and reduced server/database resources. If you're using a shared host, you need to keep your resource consumption under control, or the host could shut you down without warning!

Are you a larger site that's hosted on a cloud (like The Rackspace Cloud)? In these cases, you're paying based on the amount of system resources you use, so it's critical to keep your blog in check, or it could get costly! Our tips and tweaks helped save one client over $130/month!


Client List

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We've worked with blog owners large and small, but we've also done work for regular websites as well. Here's just a small sampling of our most recent work:

Guys Gab - We helped them build this Men's Lifestyle blog from the ground up - WP theme, graphics, logo, header design, etc.

Zander Chance - A "Make Money Online" blog originally based on the Gossip City theme (that we customized). Needing more features, we moved them over to the versatile iMobile theme.

Celebrity Seats Blog - A ticket broker blog that uses the Blocks theme. We made subtle changes to the site, while keeping the simplistic look that the client liked.

Bon Jovi Fan Site - We're creating a Bon Jovi portal site using Wordpress. Lots of work left to do, still a work-in-progress.

We've done EXTENSIVE work for the entire Sports Gab Network, one of the largest sports blog networks on the web. The sites look great, load quickly, and rank well in the Search Engines!


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